We offer our clients comprehensive educational program in the fields of security, cyber-security and cyber-defense. We design and deliver strategical and detail educational studies and analyses, educational programs‘ content, but also workshops, audits, consultation services and strategy formulations. We hold security clearance issued by the National Security Agency and follow the ISO Standards.

Furthermore, we have our own elite team of ethical hackers and cyber professionals and investigators. They all have proven their worth and earned experience while protecting and safeguarding industrial companies, financial institutions, security agencies, and many other fields.

Securing the company and its business against cyber-attacks is nowadays a question of being or not being. The result and survival are directly proportional to the skills of own teams and their abilities to recognize and resist attackers‘ strategies and techniques.

Cyber-security is an integral part of a corporate culture and strategy. In this area, the company is as strong as its weakest part.

During the training lessons, the customer’s team acquires through real experiences of attack scenarios, the ability to become aware of its needs and learns the skills that will lead to a better security of the company and its business.

We are train your teams towards the efficient prevention, fast detection, and successful mitigation of even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

We increase the overall security level of your company. We teach you to be ready even if when and where you do not expect any attack.

We will teach your employees how to behave safety, so that your company has a chance to prevent and survive a cyber-attack.

Your professionals have to know, how to identify every weak part within your company’s ICT infrastructure, how to secure it and how to ensure its defence. Each member of the team has to be aware of the possible threats, be naturally able to detect them, and react to them.