We provide training in cyber defense and protection in our unique Training Arena. We emphasize the team interaction, the human factor and team performance. We apply our complex training program into the follow-up consultation work and long-term cooperation with clients.

The arena training reacts to the challenges of today's world, which are associated with rising risks of cyber-attacks at companies. These risks are closely related to the growing attackers’ professionalization. Their motivation is influenced by competition race, the need for quick riches, or the elimination of critical customer infrastructures in cases where attacks are funded by the foreign governments or terrorist groups. Another negative factor is the ever-increasing operating space of potential attackers and modern hackers.


  • verification and enhancement of team expertise,
  • examination and further training of teamwork under unfavorable conditions (time stress, tasks overload, inadequate team capacity, unknown threats, lack of knowledge, etc.);
  • practice and amendment of real experience in dealing with incidents according to prepared practical scenarios,
  • identification of limits and team limitations.