CyberG Europe provides cyber-security consulting. In our experience, many customers are implementing within their innovation strategies, "digital transformation" the so-called projects, which mean growing electronization, automation and the overall cyber-connectivity of all systems. This creates a large manipulation space and an opportunity for potential hackers. The management of companies are then faced with a difficult task of projecting these growing cyber-risk into their business development strategies. Managing cyber-risks thus becomes a key pillar of company and business success.

It is our routine to also include the high quality advice and braining on the complex of legal aspects of cyber-security. Covering the current, as well as the expected, complexity of relevant European and Czech regulations.

Our experts have a deep knowlwdge of Security and Cyber-security standards such as ISO 27K, NIS, ZKB, GDPR, eIDAS, etc.

Our clients have at their disposition not only top IT experts, but also a team of sociologists and psychologists with a totally unique system for Sociomapping and measuring real-time interactions within the team.