We are one step further

CyberGym Europe at the Flowmon Friday day

We are one step further

CyberG Europe utilizes newer, more modern training methodology, up to date scenarios and new software to support CyberG Europe advanced hands-on trainings. We have decided not to extend the Israeli CyberGym license for the next period. We now utilize our own system based on wider and high-level Israeli products and services. This enables us to manage our trainings and simulations in more efficient and effective way for our customers and includes crisis-management and recovery processes.

The Israeli and European audiences vary significantly. For that reason we have always had to adapt and conform the Israeli educational programs to not only the European legislation, but also to European mentality. Over the time, we have developed completely new and more modern sets of dedicated content in order to provide customized training for each customer.

The new brand enables us to enter new collaborations and partnerships, as well as broaden our services portfolio.

We thank the Israeli Arena team for the support we have received from them at the beginning of our journey.  But we know that it is now time to move forward as a European company and to provide our services worldwide.

Martin Uher, Chairman of the Board